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,enter vs. enter!: Switching context

ac-geiser: Friends
ask on kill, don’t: Customization and tips
autocomplete: Friends
autodoc customized: Documentation helpers
autodoc explained: Documentation helpers
autodoc for variables: Documentation helpers
autodoc, disabling: Customization and tips
autodoc, in scheme buffers: Documentation helpers
autodoc, in the REPL: Autodoc and friends
autostart REPL: The source and the REPL

backtraces: To err perchance to debug
bug tracker: No hacker is an island

company: Friends
completion for module names: Geiser writes for you
completion in scheme buffers: Geiser writes for you
completion, at the REPL: Completion and error handling
connect to server: Starting the REPL
corpses: Top
current module: Modus operandi
current module, change: Switching context
current module, in REPL: Switching context

default directory: Customization and tips
derailment: Top
dir-locals: The source and the REPL
disabling autodoc: Documentation helpers
docstrings, maybe: Documentation helpers
documentation for symbol: Documentation helpers

ELPA: The quick and easy way
error buffer: To err perchance to debug
evaluating images: To eval or not to eval
evaluation: To eval or not to eval
external image viewer: Seeing is believing

faces, in the REPL: Starting the REPL

geiser-add-to-load-path: Customization and tips
geiser-mode: Activating Geiser
geiser-mode commands: Activating Geiser
geiser-repl-add-project-path-p: The source and the REPL
geiser-repl-add-project-paths: Customization and tips
geiser-repl-per-project-p: The source and the REPL
gmane: No hacker is an island
Guile info nodes: Documentation helpers
Guile’s REPL server: Starting the REPL
GUILE_LOAD_COMPILED_PATH: Customization and tips
GUILE_LOAD_PATH: Customization and tips

help on identifier: Autodoc and friends
host, default: Customization and tips

image cache: Seeing is believing
image display: To eval or not to eval
image support: Seeing is believing
image viewer: Seeing is believing
incremental development: To eval or not to eval
incremental development, evil: To eval or not to eval
incremental development, not evil: To eval or not to eval
interrupt evaluation: To eval or not to eval
IRC channel: No hacker is an island

jump, at the REPL: Autodoc and friends
jumping customized: Jumping around
jumping in scheme buffers: Jumping around

macrostep: Friends
mailing list: No hacker is an island
manual autodoc: Documentation helpers
module exports: Autodoc and friends
modus operandi: Modus operandi

NonGNU ELPA: The quick and easy way

opening manual pages: Documentation helpers

paredit: Friends
partial completion: Geiser writes for you
peace and quiet: Customization and tips
philosophy: Top
philosophy: To eval or not to eval
port, default: Customization and tips
project.el: The source and the REPL
projectile: The source and the REPL
projects: The source and the REPL

quick install: The quick and easy way

Racket’s REPL server: Starting the REPL
recursion: Index
remote connections: Starting the REPL
remote REPL: Starting the REPL
REPL: Starting the REPL
REPL commands: First aids
REPL customization: Customization and tips
REPL, faces: Starting the REPL

scheme binary: Customization and tips
scheme executable path: Customization and tips
scheme file extensions: Activating Geiser
scheme implementation, choosing: Customization and tips
scheme implementation, choosing: The source and the REPL
scheme init file: Customization and tips
scheme load path: Customization and tips
smart tabs: Geiser writes for you
start REPL, automatically: The source and the REPL
startup timeout: Customization and tips
supported versions: Must needs
swanking: Showing off
switching schemes: The source and the REPL
switching to module: The source and the REPL
switching to REPL: The source and the REPL
switching to source: The source and the REPL

thanks: No hacker is an island
timeout: Customization and tips
to err is schemey: To err perchance to debug

useless wretch: Activating Geiser

Version checking: Customization and tips
versions supported: Must needs