Geiser is a collection of Emacs major and minor modes that conspire with one or more Scheme interpreters to keep the Lisp Machine Spirit alive. It draws inspiration (and a bit more) from environments such as Common Lisp’s Slime, Factor’s FUEL, Squeak or Emacs itself, and does its best to make Scheme hacking inside Emacs (even more) fun.

Or, to be precise, what i consider fun. Geiser is thus my humble contribution to the dynamic school of expression, and a reaction against what i perceive as a derailment, in modern times, of standard Scheme towards the static camp. Because i prefer growing and healing to poking at corpses, the continuously running Scheme interpreter takes the center of the stage in Geiser. A bundle of Elisp shims orchestrates the dialog between the Scheme interpreter, Emacs and, ultimately, the schemer, giving her access to live metadata. Here’s how.

Table of Contents